Frequently asked questions

What do I need to provide to get started?

We will set you up in our system and with our clearinghouse which usually takes 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile, we can start entering claims in our system as soon as we receive your first bath of charge sheets.

How soon will you process the claims?

Once we receive your charge sheets information, we will submit your claims to our clearinghouse within 24-48 hours depending on the volume.

How do you send claims to payers?

We send all claims electronically with our clearinghouse. Paper claims can be sent as required by the payer.

How much do you charge for the billing service?

We charge a flat rate of 6% of collected claims, or a $300 minimum charge, whichever is greater. We don’t charge start-up fees or clearinghouse fees.

will i be tied to a contract?

No. The service is month to month basis which reflects the confidence we have that you will be completely satisfied with our service. If for any reason you decide to part ways, we only ask you to let us know with 30 days prior notice.

How do we send the paperwork to your billing office?

You can send your documents via two dedicated fax numbers (305) 676-2632 or (786) 518-3589, via secured e-mail, regular mail or courier. If local, we can pick up the work free of charge.

How often do we send new billing documents?

You can send your chart sheets either daily or weekly depending on your volume.

Where is the reimbursement money deposited?

All checks are deposited to your bank account or directly sent to your office, or as designated with the payer per initial credentialing.

Do you offer any other services besides billing?

Yes, we provide credentialing and other services. Contact us for more information.

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